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The Pali Canon Online project can progress faster with your help. The project aims to make Pali Canon available online in three main languages: English, Chinese, and Pali (Roman). Other translations may become available later.

Help is definitely needed, and you can help in the following ways:

  1. Donating books - if you possess books that are part of the Pali Canon (such as published by PTS/Wisdom), and would like to donate, please contact us via the Feedback link.
  2. Donating money - like every online service, Pali Canon Online pays for domain name, server, and network. If you can donate, it will help this website survive. You may click the Donate button in the right hand side for donation.
  3. Help transcribing - if you have spare time and a good Pali Canon book, you can be part of our team member and contribute! Please use the Feedback link if you would like to help.
  4. Help adding content - if you have spare time, you can help us in transferring the Pali version of the canon online. Please use the Feedback link if you would like to help. 
Thank you! And may you attain Nibbanic peace.


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